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was dropped by Oxford because they stopped insuring individuals in New York (thanks Obamacare!!) Believe it or not, I loved that insurance company. They paid claims promptly, had incredibly knowledgeable and gracious customer services reps, and had extremely detailed Explanation of Benefit documents.

When it came time to choose a new health insurance company in New York, I chose what I thought was the "less bad one." None of the choices available to individuals in New York State looked very good. And I picked a Platinum plan. But that didn't make a difference. Emblem's Explanation of Benefit forms provide no explanation at all.

They provide the least information they can get away with under the law. And they pay so little to doctors and other providers that it is not surprising that so many doctors, etc. refuse to take Emblem. When you try to find a doctor that takes Emblem, don't rely on their website as it is incomplete.

Many doctors who do take Emblem are just not listed. You have to waste your time on hold and speaking to incompetent customer service reps to finally get your answer. The Emblem website is often not working, but they don't bother putting anything up not he homepage to let you know that. So you waste time thinking you input your log in info wrong, or that your Internet isn't working properly.

Finally, you call them and they say, yes, our website hasn't been working for a while and we don't know when it will be fixed.

All in all, I will find another insurance company next year at sign up time. Let's just pray that there is a better choice available!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Emblemhealth Select Care Platinum Health Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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