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The last two times we have had to use our health insurance (once for My wife and once for my daughter) for other than "common medical stuff" we have called Emblem Health and spoken to their representatives to ensure we are going to an in-network provider and we are covered...both these times have ended up costing us about 5-600 dollars each visit because their moronic representatives gave us bad info and even over months of fighting it they are a typical *** insurance who doesn't stand behind their customer even when their representative screwed up, and they ADMIT they screwed up and will "use this to ensure future customers don't have this problem" lmao...gee thanks, glad I can help ensure nobody else gets screwed!!!

So flash forward to October 12th, I'm having serious chest pains to the point I firmly believe I'm having a heart I rush to the hospital? Call 911? Nooooo, I call Emblem health to make sure I am covered to go to the ER cause I think I might be having a heart attack, "oh yes Sir you are absolutely covered!" (You sure????? Cause we've been screwed by you guys before!!) "oh yes sir absolutely!"

Guess what just showed up in the mail?????? Another refusal to pay the claim cause it was OUT OF NETWORK AND ANOTHER 600 dollars!!!!!!

Is this customer service? Is this how you take care of the people who month after month after month pay your insurance premium??

You are a JOKE!!!! And the absolute worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with!!!!!!!!

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