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Before you make a final decision:

1. If you choose to use Advantagecare Physicians you will have to use

their doctors and offices FIRST!!!

So what does this men? If you are looking to see a specialist they

will refer you to one of the doctors in their network (ADVANTAGE


and your PCP decides that you should see an ADVANTAGECARE PHYSICIAN then you will have no choice.

How and why could this happen?? MONEY! The PCP will try and

keep EVERY Dr that you see inside the Advantagecare Physisian group. Sometimes a specialist only comes to the local office 1 day a week and to get an appointment will take a month. I found specialists that were local and accepted EmblemHealth but my PCP wouldn't give me the referral. By KEEPING THE REFERRAL INSIDE THE OFFICE they get to keep the money within the group.

Ask your PCP about how they get paid!

As long as you are relitvly health then things will be ok. When you need a specialist then you will know exactly what I'm saying. One of my kids has to go over 35 miles to see a specialist because that is the closest Dr that is within Advantagecare Physisian group. There is a local specialist who is 2 miles away that ACCEPTS EMBLEMHEALTH but is NOT in the Advantagecare Physisians group. I will have to *** from work at least 5 days dues to how far I will need to travel.

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Hello there....Are you saying that your primary care physician will not give you a referral to a specialist because that specialist is not within the "network of AdvantageCare"? While I know that it's advantageous for all of your medical records to be "housed" electronically under one umbrella called AdvantageCare, it's certainly not to your advantage or convenience to have to travel so far away.

I think I would push back on my PCP to find out why there's a problem for them to give you a referral to an "outside" doctor. If that doesn't work, my next step would be to go to the administrator of the facility as well as I would find out from my employer (especially the person who handles the Benefits Administration part) to find out about what your plan allows or doesn't allow. This is especially true if you have to pay for your medical benefits via payroll deduction, etc.

Also, may I suggest that you write a letter to Karen Ignagni, President and CEO of EmblemHealth. The Corporate Headquarters address is 55 Water Street, New York, NY 10041.

Perhaps if she were to read some of the feedback in which patients have taken the time and energy to document and send to her, it might may some difference. It’s for certain though that if issues are not brought to her attention by the consumer of health care services at EmblemHealth and they opt to go elsewhere for their health care services, it will affect the bottom line ($$$) at EH.

Let's hope that Ms. Ignagni respects constructive criticism and takes this situation under advisement and addresses these issues.

to Anonymous Babylon, New York, United States #1181165

If you think that sending a letter or email to Ms. Ignagni is funny.

The president is very aware of the situation. She is the one that will be held responsible for the profit and loss. If you feel that your issue is "REAL" then contact the New York state insurance department. They will put a fire un their pot.

Many patients have been with QLIMG then they were brought out and became Advantagecare Physicians. When you are with the office for a prolong period of time you may not want to change so fast. As long as you aren't too sick and young chances are that you will stay. As you get older and medical conditions come into play then in my opinion you may want to think about leaving.

The quality has gone down hill.

The office will make decisions that are based on $$$. Some doctors care but sometimes things are out of their hands.

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